Pool Pumps

Electronically operated pool pump to circulate the pool water in order to keep the water freshly clean and sanitizing by using chemicals or other alternative saniztizer. Today, the pool pumps are designed much more efficient than the old days which available with 2 speeds, variable speed with self programming controls built in itself (pool pump). More and more homeowners are considered more energy efficient pool pumps in order the cut down the  operating cost up to 60% - 80% (percent) monthly! By running longer time with lower speed circulation may be more benefit than running high speed in shorter time, because at lowest speed which required much less energy (electricity) to move the water. For example by setting at 20 GPM would required approximately less than 200W per hour rather than 2 KW at high speed (2 HP) pool pump. The variable pool pumps can be set programming with 4 - 8 setting cycle (speed) depending on the needs and different application; automatic pool cleaner, high circulation during summer or during high usage swimming loads. The full rated pool motor and heavier windings, therefore consuming less energy, to power a larger pump impeller. The lower speed can clean better because smaller particles can be filtered more thoroughly than high speed. At the low speed, there is a minimal resistance in the pipe plumbing with angle and turns which reduces the energy needed to move the water.